the Coffee Cottage roastery

To guarantee the best roasted coffee, we start with quality green coffee beans from around the world. We choose organic and shade grown coffees whenever possible.

Once the beans have been selected, Zachary, our head roaster, roasts them to perfection. To ensure you get the freshest coffee possible, we roast five days a week in our own facility located next to the cafe. When you come into our cafe or drive-thru, the bulk beans, brewed coffee, and espresso will be fresh as can be.


our roasts


Our proprietary house blend, ”Cottage” is a light-medium roast that hints at cedar, macadamia nut, and tropical fruit. It boasts a mellow acidity and long-lasting body.


This Northern Italian style espresso will leave you wanting more. Enjoy its winey mouthfeel, blackberry and vanilla accents, and a rich chocolate body.


Our darkest French roast, “Black O” is a delicate balance of dark chocolate and pipe tobacco, yet it carries surprisingly complex red berry top notes. This full-bodied, smooth blend is perfect for French roast lovers.


We choose to carry only chemical-free SWISS WATER® Process decaf at the Coffee Cottage. This process is kosher, and it allows the coffee to retain its full flavor. Depending on seasonal availability, our decaf is sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, or Sumatra.


At any given time, we showcase one or two single origin coffees. These are beans that share a common geographical origin, and may even all come from the same farm. The countries that we typically choose from are Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Brazil.

*All of the single-origin coffees are limited to availability, due to flavor quality and seasonal harvesting. We DO NOT add flavor to any coffee, allowing for the natural flavors to come through in each cup.



zachary stephens: head roaster

Zachary takes his passion for coffee very seriously. Anyone who listens to him talk, watches him roast or tastes his espresso will agree. Looking for amazing, fresh roasted, organically grown, shade grown, direct relationship, dark roasted, light roasted, blends or single origin coffee? Zach can make it happen.



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Cafe Hours:
Monday-Friday 6AM - 9PM
Saturday & Sunday 7AM - 9PM

Drive-Thru Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 6AM-5PM


21003 SW Pacific Hwy.
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Drive-Thru Hours:
Every Day 6AM - 5PM