To guarantee the best roasted coffee, we have partnered with a local roaster right here in Newberg. All our coffees are sourced from traceable, fair trade co-ops and partnerships with environmentally friendly growing practices. We are proud to serve coffee that has a positive social impact and can give you peace of mind as a consumer.

Our Roasts

Cottage Blend

Our proprietary house blend, Cottage is a medium roast that hints at notes of citrus, such as lemon and lime. It has a slightly sweet body and finishes with lingering notes of rich cocoa. Cottage Blend is brewed daily as our signature in-house coffee.

Espresso Blend

A Northern Italian-style espresso and a lighter medium roast, our Espresso Blend is rich with floral notes of mandarin. It is full-bodied with satisfying notes of dark dried fruits. Wonderful as an espresso, it also makes a delicious cup of drip coffee!

Black Orpheus

This is our only dark roast. Black Orpheus is rich and full-bodied, boasting velvety notes of dark chocolate. It also carries hints of caramelized molasses and dark-toasted nuts. This smooth blend is perfect for French roast lovers.

Cottage Decaf

Our Cottage Decaf is a rich and smooth decaffeinated medium roast with a sweet acidity. It has a pleasantly light yet syrupy body and carries subtle notes of sweet plum and grape, ending with a well-rounded honey finish. Perfect for a comforting cup of warmth later in the day!